Deirdre, what have you done?

Deirdre Donaghue has led a sheltered life on Donaghue Island, surrounded by family who has no care about what happens on the mainland, even during a time of war. When three soldiers invade her isolated village, she is drawn to their leader by his quiet ways and stormy eyes. Yet their sudden appearance brings dangers to the peaceful village.

Shawn McClaren has a secret he's unwilling to reveal, no matter how drawn he is to the spirited Deirdre. He's come too far to lose his resolve, but what he's hiding could be the beginning of uncovering a long-held mystery hiding in the village's past. ​

- William Shakespeare, All's Well that Ends Well, Act 4, Scene 3

There be dangers in old, untouched places . . . 

September, 1720: One month ago, Ailee Donaghue married a stranger to save herself from scandal. Now aboard a ship bound for the New World with ninety other Scots-Irish, she has no idea what she’ll be able to offer her new husband. She’s a horrible knitter, a bad cook, and can barely be trusted with a sewing needle. She is determined to help her new family thrive, but she is completely unprepared and fears she’ll only be a burden. Can she face the challenges ahead with a man she barely knows and dangers that threaten her from unexpected enemies? Or will the friendships she makes along the way prove to be her salvation?

The Boatman's Daughter

(book five)

The Lady of Castanola 

(book six)

The Spellbound House

(book seven)

Wolves of the Argonne

(book eight)

The Hooverville Happening

(book nine)

A Fence Between

(book ten)

The Madness of Adelaide

(book eleven)

The Last Stitch

(book twelve)

The Donaghue Histories
A Historical Fiction Saga

The Donaghue Histories is the saga of the Donaghue family. Each book follows the next generation of the family against the backdrop of the developing New World and features strong women, historical detail, the evolution of crochet and a crochet pattern by designer Laurinda Reddig.  

“The web of our Life is of mingled Yarn”

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The Secret Stitch Ebook

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The Secret Stitch YouTube Playlist

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The Kentuckian Ebook
The Sojourners Ebook

That woman will bring shame down upon us . . .

The New World is no place for a penniless widow. Elsie MacClayne’s choices are few: remain with the other Scots-Irish immigrants to become a burden on her friends or search out her cousin, Connor, who has already made Pennsylvania Colony his home. Elsie longs to make a life for herself and her unborn child, but old prejudices are still alive amongst the colonists, and she is looked upon with either pity or distrust. 

What I did was inexcusable . . .

Niall Donaghue had anticipated his brother’s arrival in the New World, but he hadn’t expected Grahame to arrive with a new wife. Anger and jealousy drive him to make an unforgivable mistake that costs him not only Grahame’s 
trust but the chance to pursue his own hopes for the future. He is forced to set aside his own ambitions for the sake of his aunt and their livelihood. 

Can Elsie find the courage to withstand the threats around her and claim her place in a foreign land? Can Niall find the will to ask for the forgiveness he longs for?

The Lost Soldier Ebook

I was twelve when I first heard the name Guthrie . . .

Hollis Donaghue has been on the long hunt all his life, and he’s thinking maybe he should settle down. Except now he’s accused of killing a man.

Wanted for murder and pursued by an unknown foe, Hollis sets off on his own along the traces of Kentucky in an attempt to draw out his enemies. He is confident in his skills as a woodsman and in the crafts his parents taught him, but is it enough? He wants to turn to a person he trusts, widow Bea Confer, but no matter how readily she can bring that pistol of hers to bear, Hollis doesn’t want to put the woman he’s come to care for at risk.

Will he put the people he loves in more danger by setting off alone?