C. Jane lives in the Pacific Northwest where she loves the rain because it makes being a writer even easier with few bright, sunny days to draw her out of the house. She credits her upbringing in Indiana and her early adulthood in the West Texas Panhandle for her fascination with family history. Much like her characters, her own extended family live within a few towns (or at times only a cornfield) from each other.

She spends much of her free time avoiding laundry and dishes by searching the web for interesting facts on things like how to make pawpaw jelly and the steps to loading a flintlock rifle. She loves old maps, old books, and old handcrafts. She also keeps a genealogy of all her characters but sadly hasn’t had time to work on the one for her own family. Life is funny like that

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I studied Literature and History in college (I have a double major for my Bachelor's degree). It was natural for me to choose a WWI poet for my Master's thesis. And it will come as no surprise that I choose to write it as a story. In 2018, on the 100th anniversary of the ending of the Great War, I published the story. 

​Why the different pen name? My family (both mine and my in-laws) was hugely supportive of this project, so in honor of them, I chose to use my family name (Cari) with my married surname (Reid).

Please ignore the awful cover, though. I put that one together myself. I'll be getting a new one soon. 

The book is available if you'd like to read it. It was truly a work of respect and admiration. 

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