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The Rose Garden Engagement

Welcome to the Regal Rose Hotel, the new posh and elegant hotel catering to the rich, famous, and eccentric in Jazz Age London. Try the hotel's signature drink, The Rose, at the Portage Club nightclub, dance the night away to the music of Dot and the Four Grooves, and sit with Lola Rose and her companions as they indulge in jazz, cocktails, rumors, and mysteries.

Life at the Regal Rose Hotel has never been grander for Lola Rose, daughter of a Texas rancher and a British Lady. She has a fine suite, finer dining, and the finest friends. There is jazz every night with cocktails and dancing. She can take tea in the Tea Rose or sip champagne punch at the Punch Bowl. Or she can stumble upon a dead body.

Lola would rather that last didn’t happen, but it does, and it puts her once more fringe-deep into an investigation, much to the dismay of Detective Inspector Arthur Blythe. With her friends at her side and the mercurial Miss Edie’s support, Lola seeks to uncover whether the death was an accident or something more sinister. When answers only create more questions, Lola realizes that not all is as it seems at her beloved Regal Rose. 

The week that Lola Rose checked into the Regal Rose Hotel, three events caught her quite unprepared: her widowed mother's surprise engagement to a famous London barrister, her desire to form a friendship with the cantankerous elderly woman living in the hotel's penthouse, and a dead body at the foot of the elegant sweeping staircase on the hotel's first floor. 

When a new acquaintance is charged with murder, Lola calls upon her trio of friends to clear his name. It will mean setting aside cocktail parties, night clubs, and late lie-ins, but Lola is willing to sacrifice much more to save an innocent man. Calling on her sophisticated upbringing as an Englishwoman's daughter and the Get It Done attitude taught by her Texan father, Lola will charm self-righteous hotel clerks, square off with cranky detective inspectors, and even tolerate a pompous German ex-officer to do what she knows is right.

There is nothing quite like an engagement party in a lovely garden, especially when that garden is on the rooftop of the Regal Rose Hotel. At least until the groom-to-be goes missing, leaving only a pool of blood the perfect shade of a crimson rose. As a witness to a crime that nobody saw, Lola is once more up to her strand of ruby beads in the investigation. And against the express orders of Detective Inspector Arthur Blythe, Lola enlists the help of her dear friends to learn what befell the groom.

Their search takes them from the elegance of the rooftop gardens to the dark recesses of the hotel’s lower basement. When questions begin causing rifts between Lola’s friends and family, the need for answers becomes even more dire. Can Lola navigate the prickly maze of old traditions? Or will she lose herself in the garden of modern ideals?

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Mystery at the Regal Rose Hotel

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The Second Floor Murder