That woman will bring shame down upon us . . .

The New World is no place for a penniless widow, even one as skilled at lace-making as Elsie MacClayne. Her choices are few: remain with the other Scots-Irish immigrants to become a burden on her friends or search out her cousin, Connor, who has already made Pennsylvania Colony his home. Elsie longs to make a life for herself and her unborn child, but old prejudices are still alive amongst the colonists, and she is looked upon with either pity or distrust. Can she find the courage to withstand the threats around her and claim her place in a foreign land?

The Sojourn Stitch is the second book of the Unraveling series, which features fiber crafts, historical detail, and a crochet pattern by designer Laurinda Reddig. 

There be dangers in old, untouched places. . . 

September 1720: One month ago, Ailee Donaghue married a stranger to save herself from scandal. Now aboard a ship bound for the New World with ninety other Scots-Irish, she has no idea what she’ll be able to offer her new husband. She’s a horrible knitter, a bad cook, and can barely be trusted with a sewing needle. Can she face the challenges ahead with a man she barely knows and dangers that she cannot begin to imagine? 


Welcome to the Unraveling world. 

The new fiber fiction series, Unraveling, by C. Jane Reid, traces the evolution of crochet against the backdrop of the developing New World. Featuring strong women, historical detail, and a crochet pattern by designer Laurinda Reddig, each story brings readers one step closer to solving an ancient mystery.