My first book signing at 

Blizzard Yarn and Fiber in Vancouver, WA

I'm sharing my love of history through 
entertaining stories and a crowd of fascinating characters.

Research sources for my second novel.

From a Historical Fiction Saga ...

A display of my third novel and a unique Little Red Riding Hood diorama during the Rose City Yarn Crawl. Her red hood is crocheted!

I also enjoy my bedhead, drinking out of teacups and mugs (tea, water, coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea . . . ), crocheting, embroidery, winding yarn with a nostepinne, and playing video and board games with my family.

I get sucked into book research far too easily, often get annoyed with my characters for not doing what I say, and take too many pictures of my cat as she sleeps because that is 75% of her life (10% is eating and drinking and the other 5% is spent finding a place to nap).

I have an insane love of horses (I "adopted" my best friend's horse, Marley), tend to stay up way too late reading or doing crosswords, and love to get together for crafts, chats, and writing with my amazing friends. 

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... to a Jazz Age Mystery ...

Do you know the Secret Stitch?

Here it is at Fort Vancouver.

The pattern is included in the book.

Hi! I'm C. Jane Reid and this is your invitation to join me on adventures through the wilds of colonial America to the plains of West Texas as the Donaghue family moves west one generation at a time.  

If you aren't the outdoorsy type, then join me for a cocktail at the posh 1920s Regal Rose Hotel. Just don't trip over any dead bodies. They tend to show up. But don't worry, Lola Rose and her friends will help you out. 

If you aren't sure which to choose, choose one of the pages above and take a look at what each series offers. I'm partial to both, and you might be too. For a taste of each book, you can click the YouTube playlist to hear music and watch interesting bits of research. 

Later, I'll be adding fun things like genealogy charts for the Donaghue family, some of their recipes, and links to clothing, food, and cocktails that Lola and her friends indulge in. 

Welcome, my friend! Sit down with your tea or cocktail and explore my worlds of mystery, romance, and, in some case, yarn!

My grandparents. My family inspires a great deal of what I write. My grandpa Ellsworth Beaman farmed. My grandma Nellie Beaman crocheted and cooked. My grandma Doris Hileski played dress-up with me when I was young. And my grandpa Art Hileski served in WWII. They are just the beginning of the way family influences me and why my first series is a family saga. 

This photo was taken in the 70s in our backyard in Kokomo, IN. I might live in the Pacific Northwest now, but I'm a Hoosier at heart.